Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? Do you often wonder, why is there a life, why is there a world, how did it get here? What am I supposed to do? Maybe you think, ‘I hear all these things, I don’t really … Read More

What Happened to the Real Jesus?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of religions today, but the world really has all but forgotten about Jesus Himself. This was not so in the first centuries after Christ. Then there were real Christians who obeyed Jesus long … Read More

What Do You Seek?

These were the first words Jesus spoke in the Bible to His first followers (John 1:38). Have you ever considered if there is something missing with you that you are constantly looking for? Don’t you always want to believe something … Read More

The Gospel

The gospel is all about what God in Christ has already accomplished and earned, being transferred to me, through grace faith. I’m being made acceptable to Him, on a gift basis, ONLY, out of his extreme love for me. There … Read More

Did You Ever Hear of Conversion?

What do you think of it? What’s your idea of conversion based on? Conversion is always FROM something TO something else. The Bible speaks of conversion from flesh to spirit — from hopeless to hopeful — from death to life. … Read More