How to Start Understanding the Bible

Everyone who reads the Bible clearly sees that it often speaks in a “two sense manner”.

It often speaks of what we know to be “physical things” (in this world) such as sheep, trees, water, seeds, etc. But everyone knows that the Bible is not speaking of these things as “physical things”, but is giving some sort of path to an idea of “spiritual reality”.

We were all born into this world as “physical beings” – but everywhere the Bible is telling us that we can convert from only being a “physical being” and become a “spiritual being”!

But we don’t know how to become a “spiritual being”! It sounds mysterious.

So to help us in making this big change the Bible also gives us an idea of how to do it through its “two senses” approach to teaching us so that we can understand God’s will for man.

After all, everyone knows that God made all these natural things – and there is a very good reason why He did it. It was on purpose and with foresight that He planned and made us along with all these natural things to be exactly the way we and they really are so that He could use His whole design to teach us about Himself and how He wants us to live and be with Him permanently – IF we really want to!

And this is why “God’s book” – the Bible – speaks the way it does. And if you realize all this and read the Bible this way it was written – you will “get the message”.

So start reading John chapter 3 and learn about two kinds of babies. Read John chapter 6 and learn about two kinds of bread.

John chapter 10 and two kinds of sheep. John chapter 15 and two kinds of wine. Matthew chapter 13 and two kinds of seeds. And many more.

This really is HOW you can start understanding the Bible and what God wants you to do. IT’LL WORK. So start learning. And if you need any help in doing this – or if you want more of this contact us and we can help you.

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