What Do You Seek?

These were the first words Jesus spoke in the Bible to His first followers (John 1:38). Have you ever considered if there is something missing with you that you are constantly looking for? Don’t you always want to believe something good is going to happen? Well, it turns out that all humans are looking for HOPE for their future, and that IS what the real explanation of Jesus is all about. Not the temporary hopes of this life – but a REAL HOPE beyond this life. You see, the purpose of life has to be beyond life itself. And there is no point to life if you don’t have hope. But everybody is looking in all the wrong places for it! People eventually give up and go wild and crazy because they don’t see hope and then they don’t care.

And another thing, all of us have a lot of fears also – these fears push at us all the time. But hope pulls us towards God. This is how we are ‘wired’ so that we can learn Christ – the push and the pull need to go in the same direction! If you are interested, we can help you come to understand and realize how JESUS IS THE ONLY REAL HOPE and the only way to have real peace. Why settle for short term motivation for right now when you can have lasting hope!

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