What Happened to the Real Jesus?

Let’s face it, there are a lot of religions today, but the world really has all but forgotten about Jesus Himself. This was not so in the first centuries after Christ. Then there were real Christians who obeyed Jesus long before all the “so-called” Christian religions and churches that are so prevalent today. It seems that as time goes on, there are fewer and fewer Christians gladly explaining Christ one on one in such a way that people can understand God’s will and how to live according to their true purpose and have a real opportunity to be saved the gospel way.

What we are up to is awakening you to your need for Jesus Himself, His death and resurrection and His ability to raise you and do good for you NOW!

If you are interested in understanding the truth about Jesus and you think He may be calling you to follow Him, call us so that you can begin to learn what it really means to believe Jesus according to the Scriptures and have a real hope.

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