Simple Bible Lessons for New Christians

The following are a selection of meetings that our pastor had with a group of young adults in Haiti via Skype/Zoom. Although they are targeted toward young people, anyone may find them helpful. Throughout these meetings the terms “juniors” and “XJ’s” are used frequently. “Juniors” simply refers to this group of young people, ranging in age from 15 to early 20’s. “XJ’s” which literally means “ex-junior” and refers to those that have outgrown this age group (around 24 and older). If there is anything in these meetings you don’t understand, please feel free to reach out to us and we will do our best to answer your questions.

And, as always, don’t just believe what you read, test it according to the Scriptures!

The War

Do you have a war constantly going on inside of you, between good and evil, between the flesh and the spirit, between sin and righteousness, between light and darkness? Is…

Confess and Be Freed

You got this side of you, which in the scriptures is called the “flesh” and it’s always lying to you. And are you starting to believe it? That’s the worst…

Draw Near to God!

What have you been doing all day today? Did you learn anything today, anything worthwhile?  If you could live today over again, what would you change or improve?  I asked…

I Am in Great Danger, I Need Safety

Are the juniors discussing their homework? What else do you need besides I must take my sin very, very seriously?  Related to I must take my sin very, very seriously….