Did You Ever Hear of Conversion?

What do you think of it? What’s your idea of conversion based on? Conversion is always FROM something TO something else. The Bible speaks of conversion from flesh to spirit — from hopeless to hopeful — from death to life. Conversion is not a change of religion or going to a church.

Do you have any realization or understanding of your need to convert FROM living according to this world TO living according to God’s will as found in the Bible?

You probably believe Jesus already — the only thing left for you is to convert!

Conversion is easy and it works! We can show you how!

Do you care what happens to you or do you only care about today’s feelings right now?

Christ is not a hobby — He is all or nothing!

Find out about converting from life in the world to life in Christ, and learn what it means Don’t delay! Drop your nets and make Christ your treasure and you’ll never regret it! We don’t! It’s easy and it works and we can show you how!

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