I Am in Great Danger, I Need Safety

Are the juniors discussing their homework? What else do you need besides I must take my sin very, very seriously?  Related to I must take my sin very, very seriously. It is not I need to … I need something. If you are taking your sin seriously, what connects to that juniors never think of?  You are not thinking – what do I need? Do I have to tell you? (Believe In Jesus?)  Juniors never say “I need safety.”  I need safety.  Juniors never think that – I am in big, big trouble equals I am in big danger. Dangerous.  Juniors never think it. Danger. I am about to kill myself. I am in big danger, because of my sin. I need to be saved. Juniors never, never think of.  Now why?  Because juniors believe in this life. I am in big danger. You never think that.  But you are in big, big danger.  So, I need safety.  Hey – how come you did not say that?  Isn’t it obvious?  If you are taking your sin seriously, part of that is I am in big danger – my sin is killing me. I am in big danger. But you never think so. You read it, but you never think it (I need safety).

I am fat, dumb and happy. Now what does that mean? That is a saying. That people say.  Did you ever hear that saying?  Do you know what that means?  That means “I am deluded, and I am happy!”  I like it!  And in the meantime, you are in big danger.  Juniors think that lions are pretty, and they want to play with them. What are juniors like? I am in big danger! They never preach that!  Should we change the Escape Recipe from “I am in big trouble” to “I am in big danger.”?  Get them to preach “Juniors have great confidence in self, because I am a JUNIOR and am confident!  In other words, “I am crazy.”  Automatic!  And the other juniors will not like me unless I have great confidence in myself.  They never think like this. Starting with “I am in big danger.” And if you take your sin seriously, that is admitting it.  My sin is killing me.  It is no joke.  Juniors do not take it seriously. That is the problem. They are fat, dumb and happy. And they never think I am in very big danger. Dangerous!  Satan fools me real easy!  Real easy!  Nice lion!

In the United States they have zoos where they have lions in a cage. They throw meat in the cage. A little while ago in Ohio, two boys crawled into the cage – and the lions ate them.  They said, “ Oh, I am going to play with the lions.”  Physically. Are juniors crazy?  Juniors have brains this big (not very big).  But the ex juniors have big brains.  Do the juniors act like they do not have any brains yet?  Do juniors like to play with lions?  No!  The other juniors will not like you unless you do! Juniors! I am in big danger!  I need safety.  I do not need playing – I need safety. But juniors have no brain – they don’t think this!

Do juniors study themselves?  No. Are they preaching – Reality says – I am in big danger!  But it does not feel like it!  I do not feel any danger!  I don’t see any lions!  Juniors never think like this until it is too late.  The ex-juniors do have a big brain, but it is too late sort of.  Juniors never say “I need safety.”  Quick juniors, what do you need?  Safety!  I hate to admit it!  You have got to change your thinking!  Ok, I do not like this!  I do not really have cancer!  I do not really need the doctor!  I am ok.  I feel ok.  So how much do the juniors talk about reality?  Never!  Wow.  And good thing juniors do not need any safety. You are not saying, “I don’t like this!”.   You laugh!  I do not like this!

All the junior boys say, “I am a big man, I don’t need safety.” Automatique! Get this!  So that way they cannot help the girls.  Did you know that girl brains are crazier than boy brains? But if the boy juniors do not accept the truth you can’t help the girls.  And the girls are even crazier!  You do not know that.  Boy brains are bad enough, but girl brains are even worse!  Can they figure out – now do you have a boy brain or a girl brain?

But nobody confesses “I need safety”.  Do they preach “I got lions on the outside and I got lions on the inside.  I do not like this.  This does not sound like fun.  Juniors want fun.   They said we need fear of God, we need Jesus, but they didn’t say, “We need fun.”!  But what do they live?  Do juniors live – I need fun, or I need safety?  Aren’t juniors interesting?  I need safety because I am in big danger.  No, No – I am not worried.  Where did they go?  Why so quiet? Jesus came to wake up the juniors!  No – I want to go back to sleep!  Great danger! What do you think the juniors would be like if they just came back from 5 minutes in the lake of fire?  Well, that’s reality!  According to Jesus!  So why don’t they live that way?  Live the truth.  Reality.  Do not just live junior.  It must be because he wants to save you!  But, juniors don’t want to be saved, they want fun! Do they discuss?  Listen – all the juniors in the world, don’t they all unite in – Oh, we’re ok. We’re ok?  We just have fun.  Is it true?  What about these ones now?  I do not like this.

Juniors never say, “I need safety”.  Juniors need safety. You know that is what salvation means.  Safety.  Juniors never think that.  I thought this whole world was a big fraud.  Hey – seems ok to me!  I can handle it!  Hey, do the juniors discuss this?  I need safety.  My flesh goes for danger.  Two weeks ago, somebody in the United States got in a big airplane. They turned it on and did not know how to land.  They crashed of course. They planned to do that? Is that what they are doing?  No? Does Satan fool you?  I’ll be all right – I can take off!  How should you talk to juniors?  I need safety, but I do not like it.  Danger is more interesting.  How come juniors wind up the way they do?  Look around.  Because of the love of danger. Interesting. Safety sounds boring.  This is why I skipped over being a junior. Right? Hey, where are they?  What do juniors need?  Safety is not in the junior brains. It does not sound right. I need safety. The other juniors will not like me.  Are they discussing?  My conclusion … do the juniors always ask – “Am I flying this airplane correctly Am I going to crash?  Do some of the juniors even look like they are going to crash?  Do they look like it?”  You have to get the book out and look at the directions.  Serious.  Do the juniors have dreams they are flying in an airplane and you are going to crash?  How about one that a lion is going to eat you?  It is important to grow up serious and love the Lord Jesus.  I need safety.  I need safety, but danger is more interesting.  So, what is their discussing questions? So, the juniors discuss these lessons?

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