Faith & Hebrews 11

Hebrews 11 is detailing the manner of and examples of operating on a basis other than what is natural & “normal” humanly.

Faith isn’t a different kind of “knowing” – but rather a different and unique channel or means for coming to a conviction concerning how to live and walk; because faith is also simply that which arises in us through our grace-granted believing. And again, we can partly think of faith as a new kind of operating system for our “computer”, which is more basic than and independent of the input information involved in believing.

Faith is such that it makes it possible for us to “mentally operate” according to the “organizing of the aeons” as though we ourselves had knowledge of this – which we don’t. Through God’s action as described in Hebrews 11:3, “walking by faith” becomes our substitute for the normal “walking by sight”; because the things that we “see”, and know, and understand (such that we are able to walk according to God’s will and plan), have indeed “come into being” in us – but not through any normal light-based seeing! If it had, we would once again, as with Eve, be in a position to “walk by sight” and thus according to the natural and corrupt ways and wishes of our hearts. In this case, Satan could actually tempt us through the very faith that God arranged for us, and through which He plans to save us! As it is, when we “walk by faith and not by sight”, we are able to connect with reality and God’s will and plan far, far better than we could ever “figure out” and do.

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